Family Swimming Pool Large Family Pool Inflatable Children’s Wading Pool Adult Pool 366 #87224

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family swimming pool large inflatable children’s wading pool adult pool swimming pool overflow grating size 488*122cmUS $ 1112.96/setfamily large family pool inflatable children’s wading pool adult …

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family swimming pool large family pool inflatable children’s wading pool adult pool 366 122

Product details:

Model: 56088

Specifications: 366 * 122cm, diameter 366 cm, 122 cm tall.

Install water: 90% after loading 10,250 liters of water.

Product Weight: 54kg

Including accessories: air pump, ground cloth, dust cover

Gift: Description pool installation and maintenance of DVD discs, strong repair paper

Material: Pool side walls are three strong PVC tarpaulin material, than the general pool strong.










Inflatable characteristics:
Rational design:Heavy trucks can not crush the inflatable bed Withstand
the weight of 272KG  
above (double bed, single bed above 150KG)
Comfortable design:Based on "ergonomic" design principle Use of air
to let the  
human body Evenly hold balanced achieve the human body
be closed with bed 
Cervical, lumbar,  
leg wrist no longer vacant Help eliminate
fatigue as soon as possible 
for you to create  
natural, comfortable and healthy
quality of sleep!
High-quality materials:Use of ultra-strong carbon toughening thermal
polymerization pvc,  
planted on the surface of the polymer corduroy Stitched
with world-class technology,  
rigorous testing is made in accordance with
international standards
Beautiful and convenient: inflatable bed is small size, weighs less
than 2.5-5KG,if let go  
after the volume of gas is the same as the average
household linens, very light weight,  
folding up and stuffed into a backpack
to carry.

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Swimming Pool

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Inflatable Figure 8-shape

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