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Robotic pool cleaner, swimming pool cleaner robot, swimming pool cleaning with wall climbingDescriptionThe Ingetillgent Robotic Pool Cleaner with CE and RoHS Certificates is a new type of effective …

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Product Description

Swimming Pool Equipment

yellow color swimming pool cleaner robot &pool cleaner for promotion free shipping

Robotic pool cleaner, swimming pool cleaner robot, swimming pool cleaning with wall climbing





The Ingetillgent Robotic Pool Cleaner with CE and RoHS Certificates  is a new type of effective cleaning equipment independently developed by our company. It has three parts, the cleaning machine, the power console and the control panel. The cleaning machine is controlled by computer and thoroughly scrubs the bottom and sides of the pool which continuously filtering water. It does not need to change water after cleaning utterly changes the traditional way of pool cleaning, which not only saves physical labor and expensive costs but also valuable water resources. The product originates at home and takes a lead in the world as a result of its high performance-to-price ratio.



Icleaner 120 robotic pool cleaners clean any type or shape of pool — efficiently and thoroughly. No other automatic, residential pool cleaner comes close to Dolphin robots’ ease of use, performance and reliability – delivering years of cost effective pool cleaning.


How iCleaner 120 Work
iCleaner 120 offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for achieving a consistently clean pool. Unlike pressure and suction pool cleaners, which depend on an external pump and filter, Icleaner 120robotic pool cleaners get their power from a standard outlet and have their own pool filtration system. Moving freely around the pool, Icleaner 120 robots remove debris and dust from the water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls and waterline with an advanced pool brushing system.



Features of iCleaner-120


*Easy to install and use

Simply connect the floating power cord to the power supply, put icleaner120 into the pool then plug the power supply into your outlet. Now it is ready to use! Simply push the START button and choose the cleaning time cycle and Icleaner 120 will start its cleaning cycle.


*Clever clean, Obstacle escape

A new gyro sensor detects when and in what direction Icleaner 120 turned, allowing the robot to change direction and prevent the cord from getting tangled


*Pool floor, Wall and waterline cleaning

Offers complete pool coverage, clean floor to waterline and everywhere in between.


*Low voltage –Low energy consumption

Operates on about 24 volts and also works independently of your pool’s filtration system.


*Remote control-operated

Remote controlled setup and cleaning programs that deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene.


*Dual-drive motors

The strong motor system drive Icleaner 120 to clean the pool as fast as possible, also allows Icleaner 120 to climb up vertical pool walls to the water line providing cleaning capabilities to all your pool surfaces.


*4 sponge brushes

Effective brushing and scrubbing system minimizes bacteria and algae development and ensure hygienic, clean and healthy pool.


*Pump and filter system    

Icleaner 120 requires no installation, so it works without suction lines or other modifications to existing systems. Get the power from a standard outlet and have own pool filtration system to help the Icleaner 120 to move freely around the pool.


*Self contained filter bag collects dirt and debris


*Automatic shut off at end of cycle time


*Motor overload protection mechanism


*60’ floating power cord (Standard)

60’ (15M) is long enough for most residential pools. Also longer length of floating power cord for option.


*Autonomous unit – no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool systems

No need any pre-installation and no need to connect to pool system. Icleaner 120 also works independently of pool’s filtration system, by running Icleaner120 to filter and clean your pool rather than running your built-in pool filtration system.


*Carrying caddy

This makes it even easier to move Icleaner 120 from the pool to its storage area.


High Quality Competitive price Chinese Brand Automatic  Robot Cleaner for family or commercial swimming  pool  


   Pool cleaner 001 possess a strong programming system and  advanced technology ,which enable to automaticlly clean the pool’s every conner without anyone monitor.Obviously ,it is vital /indispensable/crucial/ essential/necessaryto perfect for your pool as a fascinated robot.

  With help of remote control, suddently a common cleaning working then quickly turn into something interesting and amusing .Moreover,the extremely strong function   succeed in deafeating  other style of manual pool cleaners .

    Whenever and wherever it dive under the water , robot pool cleaner was just like a shark which is full of life.  are so fast and plently of energy,Besides,unique appearance attract  the eyes of masses, people will be very satisfy with its performance .Not only does it crawl and clean rapidly ,but also what it left would be fresh and crystal water .

     We promise our cleaner must be your good choice for your swimmng pool.

Make choice ,Undoubtedly ,the final decision is absolutly our swimming pool cleaner.

Here are some detailed imformation for your reference.

 Technical Characteristc

Input Volt Ac 100v-240v
Rate POWER 49.3HZ-60.5HZ
Cycle time 0.5h/1h/2h
Suggested pool size 100-200m2
Working current 18-20A
Working cycel 3/5HOURS
cable length 15M(591inch)
Filter water 13M3/HOUR
Suction rate 20m3/h(4226gal/h)
Filtration  Default:70μm, but you can select other accuracy
Temperature Range 10C-40C
Climbing speed 13M/minute
Height of climb wall 180cm(70inch)
Cleam width 23cm(9inch)
Clean spead 80-120m2/h
Waterproof  grade CleanerIP68/Remote control
Volume 45x49x26cm
Net/Gross weight 20/25 with carry cart
Packing size 84x58x35cm
Warranty 1years


The 24V DC supplied ensures safety
Different cleaning schedules are available according to automatically distinguishing of current overload
Intelligently makes a cleaning path plan
Automatically realizes forward movement, backward movement, left and right movement
Automatically detects obstacles ahead, automatically avoids and prevents collisions
Systematically wipes the ground and the sides, automatically cleans and filters
A powerful vacuum filtration system efficiently removes leaves, hair, soil, dust, algae and particles at the bottom of the pool, improves the chemical structure and the temperature cycle of water,and determines water circulation
Ultra-lightweight, durable, environmental protected, removable, reusable filter bag
Suitable for all swimming pool less than 20 meters

Excellent Exactly


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Led Swimming Pool Light

Additional Information







Brand Name

swimming pool cleaner

Model Number


Pool Cleaner Usage

Sterilizing / Disinfecting

Fuel For Cleaner Robot


Input Voltage

100~240VAC, 49.3~60.5Hz

Cleaning Process

Cold Water Cleaning

Robot Type

robot swimming pool cleaner

Industry Used

swimming pool cleaner

Cleaning Robot Clean Area


Cable Lengt


Cleaning Type

Automatic Clean

Height Of Climb Wall