Australia Connaught Large Swimming Pool Games Folder / Pool (Inflatable Pool) 305 * 761 302 10 #55850

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Specifications; 305CMX76CM (10 feet) Accessories: Large foot pump + repair kit + water connection To pump plus 30 yuan. Ladder plus 150 yuan, plus 120 water filtersLarge swimming pool paddling …

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Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner

australia connaught large swimming pool games folder / pool (inflatable pool) 305 * 761 302 10 feet

Specifications; 305CMX76CM (10 feet)

Accessories: Large foot pump + repair kit + water connection

To pump plus 30 yuan. Ladder plus 150 yuan, plus 120 water filters

Large swimming pool paddling pool

Large swimming pool paddling pool

1. Easy removable without tools
2. Strengthening the pool wall, allowing the use of more robust durable
3. pool wall thickening three: two outer layers thick PVC, mesh material sandwiched between three heat sealing, stronger barrier pressure, force collision and sun
4. Strengthening pool bottom, to facilitate the lower part of the drainage basin drainage, easy collection.

5. contains special repair kit, instructions
6. The unique design allows you to clear the pool walls reminding us of scenes exposure to the underwater world, more fun
7. The use of safe, easy to use

This product is easy to use, good sealing, water storage capacity, wear-resistant, smooth interfaces, not hurt the skin, for people to play.


imported materials, top quality: the use of imported materials in accordance with international standards, safe and nontoxic!

sophisticated technology: the use of international advanced technology fine processing, special treatment at all interfaces, security impervious, smooth. Swimming imported from Taiwan, PVC Tarpaulin material safe non-toxic, passed the test.

fine acting all varus every joint appearance smooth burr will not scratch your baby’s delicate skin.

Pool ready for use prior to assembly
1. Find a firm ground, remove the debris on the ground. NOTE: Do not install the pool on a wire or tree.
2. Carefully remove the tank and its accessories from the carton.
3. If there are ground cloth, first launched ground cloth shop in the selected location.
4. Check the drain valve, make sure it is firmly plugged.

Installation of the pool installation without additional tools. Generally consists of 2-3 people only 5 minutes to complete.
1. Expand the pool, all the accessories on the ground near the pool.
2. With inflatable ring inflatable pump (pump not included). After inflation, ensure safe air lock is turned off.
Note: Do not over-inflation. Inflatable ring should be securely rather than rigid.
3. Move the drain valve near the drainage basin land.
Note: To avoid damaging caused by sharp objects, do not pull the pool on the ground.
4. turn on the water in the pool. When the bottom of the pool has covered full of water, into the pool, smooths wrinkles bottom. Starting from the pool center, clockwise ask to the outside.
5. Continue to turn on the water until it reaches 80% of the tank capacity is coming at the inflatable ring. For safety reasons, please do not carefully observe the excess water.

Use drain valve
1. Outside the pool unscrew the drain valve cap.
2. The pipe is connected to one end of the pipe joint, the other end connected to the Drainage Department.
3. The control loop pipe joints screwed on the drain valve. Drain valve will open automatically, water will flow from the pool.
Note: The control loop to control the water flow.
4. When the pool water after release, tighten the control loop to close the valve.
5. Disconnect the pipe.
6. The drain valve cap is still screwed on the drain valve.
Note: Do not leave water in the pool is done outside.
For long-term storage, make sure the pool clean and dry. Store in a dry, safe and where it is not the child.

WARNING: If you use the filter pump and pool together, to further reduce the risk of electric shock, the filter pump only to use the pool before or after, but not when using the pool.

Your child’s safety is fully dependent on you! Children less than 5 years of maximum risk, children of other ages accidents may occur. Please pay attention to avoid accidents.

Recommendations and actions taken by the supervision of the child must be close and continuous
Specify the appropriate personnel in charge of security responsibility in the pool when multiple users want to strengthen supervision should let your child learn to swim as soon as possible in the pool before the wet nape, arms and legs. Learn the necessary emergency measures, in particular, and related to children is prohibited in the case of small children diving or jumping is prohibited in the pool run around and play. Do not allow to wear life jackets, do not know how to swim well in the water no personnel accompanying children into the pool. Do not toy stay in the pool and the pool near the sight of them. keep the water clean. The water treatment products stored in the reach of children. Without proper protection, children will be at risk in the Appendix attached graphics

To make your pool at its best
1) Regularly check whether the lining of the pool clean.
2) regularly and replace the water in the pool, unclean water will affect the health of users.
3) The need of water treatment chemicals please contact your local dealer. Be sure to follow to get from the chemical manufacturer’s instructions at the pool maintenance operation. A space
4) proper maintenance can extend the life of the pool. Water Capacity See packaging.
5) at least once a week to view the chlorine and PH values makes disinfection and cleaning water. According to this horizontal adjustment (PH value of 7-7.6, chlorine value: 0.5-2)
6) To make water clean, it is recommended to buy from a dealer in your pool BESTWAY maintenance package, including fishing rods, pool cleaners, filter pump, float and sink cover drugs.
7) Make sure your filtration system works 7-8 hours a day.

Led Swimming Pool Light

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