Anc Shipping Large Pool Oversized Family Inflatable Family Swimming Pool Thickened Infant #26267

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Note:Pool diameter is 2.44M and 3.60M, pro make sure the size is appropriate! The pool is relatively small thing to put several other small water easily replace water drainage speedThe default …

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anc shipping large pool oversized family inflatable family swimming pool thickened infant children’s pool

Note:Pool diameter is 2.44M and 3.60M, pro make sure the size is appropriate! The pool is relatively small thing to put several other small water easily replace water drainage speed

The default template merchandise made express Jiangsu, ZhejiangOther provinces (Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan not to participate in activities)Logistics is a freight template (requires self delivery), excluding transit fees, transit freight delivery, buyers need to pay another (logistics needs from mentioning, not door-to-door), For hair expressPlease contact customer service cost-effective prices.

Specifications: 244cm * 71cm (medium)

Specifications: 306cm * 76cm (large)

Specifications: 360cm *71cm (oversized)

Accessories: repair kit + manual + Hand pump 1

The goods designated for US companies to import super tough tarpaulin material made, can be equipped with a large loop filter pump using oh! Average domestic materials are relatively thin, and the material is different formulations, toughness is not sufficient to withstand the pressure of large circulation pump , so it is no filter pump design.This must change the water every day, is very troublesome.The use of filter pump, you can filter the water has been circulating, one week does not change the water does not matter.

AQUAThe material is definitely withstand the sun and rain. Unlike traditional swimming pool, like space, when you can not close up, not easily broken leak leak. Is the most suitable for Chinese families garden open-air baths air swimming pool.

Now some domestic coastal cities, such a large family swimming pool is very popular, but because it is more than a thousand dollars in the market, high prices, making some of the pursuit of high-quality home life discouraged. So in this mall to buy is the best choice for you. Because we are the most professional swimming pool Taobao sellers. has the most direct purchase channels. primary sources. fifth the price is just what you see in shopping malls.

Because it is the original export commodities, which has the whole instructions in English, we have translated the following part of the essence. Please refer instructions for proper use of bottom of the page.

This product is the world’s first swim equipment companies build brand AQUA American original single thick environmentally friendly non-toxic material is sandwiched online pool.

Products with CE EU certification, full compliance with export standards, original boxed.

Pool ready for use prior to assembly
1. Find a firm ground, remove the debris on the ground. NOTE: Do not install the pool on a wire or tree.
2. Carefully remove the tank and its accessories from the carton.
3. If there are ground cloth,Please expand the ground cloth shop in the selected location.
4. Check the drain valve, make sure it is firmly plugged.

Installation of the pool installation without additional tools. Usually by the23Only people5Minutes to complete.
1. Expand the pool, all the accessories on the ground near the pool.
2. With inflatable ring inflatable pump (pump not included). After inflation, ensure safe air lock is turned off.
Note: Do not over-inflation. Inflatable ring should be securely rather than rigid.
3.Mobile pool drain valve near the drain land.
Note:To avoid damage caused by sharp objects, do not pull the pool on the ground.
4.Turn on the water in the pool. When the bottom of the pool has covered full of water, into the pool, smooths wrinkles bottom. Starting from the pool center, clockwise ask to the outside.
5.Continue to turn on the water until the tank capacity80%, Approaching the inflatable ring at. For safety reasons, please do not carefully observe the excess water.

Use drain valve
1. Outside the pool unscrew the drain valve cap.
2. The pipe is connected to one end of the pipe joint, the other end connected to the Drainage Department.
3. The control loop pipe joints screwed on the drain valve. Drain valve will open automatically,Water will flow from the pool.
Note:Control loop can control the flow of water.
4. When the pool water after release,Tighten the control loop to close the valve.
5. Disconnect the pipe.
6. The drain valve cap is still screwed on the drain valve.
Note:Do not leave water in the pool is done outside.

For long-term storage,Ensure that the pool clean and dry.Store in a dry, safe and where it is not the child.

Caveat:If used with the filter pump and pool,To further reduce the risk of electric shock, the filter pump only to use the pool before or after, but not when using the pool.

Your child’s safety is fully dependent on you! Less than5Maximum risk-year-old children, children of other ages accidents may occur. Please pay attention to avoid accidents.

Recommendations and actions taken by the supervision of the child must be close and continuous
Specify the appropriate personnel responsible for safety responsibility. When multiple users in the pool to strengthen supervision.Let your child should learn to swim as soon as possible.Before entering the pool wet nape, arms and legs.Learn the necessary emergency measures, in particular and children’s.Prohibition in the case of small children diving or jumping.Prohibition in the pool four weeks running and games.Do not allow to wear life jackets, do not know how to swim well in the water did not enter the pool of children who accompany. Do not place the toy left in the pool and the pool were near invisible.Keep the water clean.The stored water treatment products out of the reach of children.Without proper protection, the child would be at risk, with the appendix graphics

To make your pool at its best
1) Regularly check the pool liner is clean.
2) Regularly and replace the water in the pool, unclean water will affect the health of users.
3) Requires water treatment chemicals please contact your local dealer. Be sure to follow to get from the chemical manufacturer’s instructions at the pool maintenance operation. A space
4) Proper maintenance can extend the life of the pool. Water Capacity See packaging.
5) At least once a week to view the chlorine and PH value to make disinfection and cleaning water. According to this horizontal adjustment (PH value of 7-7.6, chlorine value: 0.5-2)
6) To make water clean, it is recommended to purchase BESTWAY from your pool dealer in the maintenance package, including fishing rods, pool cleaners, filter pump, floating pool cover medicine and.
7) Make sure your filtration system works 7-8 hours a day.

If the product is small damage, the situation in a timely manner using the patch sheet repair.
Note: When the pool breakage repair, it must be wiped breakage, repair of bonding sheet must be compacted and discharged among the bubbles.

Additional Information
If you buy a ladder, you must pay attention to the ladder and the pool match.
Ladders must be checked periodically assembly is firmly when in use.
Note: The ladder can not be used for other purposes, it can only be used in and out of the pool.

Boang – That’s crazy!

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Swimming Pool





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Diameter of 2.34 meters high 67CM diameter 3.6 meters high 3.05 meters


Inflatable round

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6 years of age