A M@ll Baby!castle Pool Multifunctional Paddling Pool Child Swimming Pool Inflatable Pool #86139

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Product Details Multifunctional Castle-Shape Inflatable Paddling Swimming Pool for Kids made of NONtoxic High density Tought PVC plastic Brand: SPLASH Specification: Swimming pool 188 …

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a m@ll baby!castle pool multifunctional paddling pool child swimming pool inflatable pool -qwm

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Multifunctional Castle-Shape Inflatable

Paddling Swimming Pool for Kids 

made of NONtoxic High density Tought PVC plastic





   Swimming pool 188 x 137 x 34 (cm)
   Slide 122 x 53 x 53 (cm)

Contents of the Color Box:

   1 pc of Inflatable Swimming Pool +

   1 pc of Inflatable Slide +

   1 pc of Inflatable basket ball +

   4 pcs of Inflatable Rings+

   1 Repair Kit


This is a multi-function pool, actually not only a pool but really a children’s park:

Featuring water spraying, slides, rings, & Basketball game.

It also can be  a sea-ball pool,thus it is

Just Kids’ Favorite.




Pls be well noted that this lead doesn’t contain any pump.

We have

an Electrical Pump,Can charge or discharge fast and easily but need Power so it’s nof convenient for outdoor.




 3000CC Large-Volume Foot-Oprated Pump,can be used outdoors when electricity is not available.




Take one Pump with this Swimming Pool,you only needa pay USD10,shipping not included yet.

Take both of  the two Pumps with this Swimming Pool,you only needa pay USD17,shipping not included yet.

Please firstly place another order for pump and pay after we change the amount for you.


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Hate to pay tooo much your money on shipping?

Pls selec this similar but bigger & Lighter one!



1, the product first and then inflated for 24 hours after the use of gas can not play too much, and 8 percent is enough, will result in products such as the encouragement fed with a pull-tight surface rupture caused serious cause will be pulling with a broken drum package you can not repair). The new inflatable products, just the time to start using PVC materials generally have a little taste (the taste is harmless), the general use of the natural taste of a few days later dissipated, not any flavor.
2, the new inflatable products, just started when the inflation pressure of the pressure after the material received, there will be a bit of stretch, stretch a bit after the volume will be large. This time you will feel the product seems to be a bit slow leak like this are normal. 2 to 3 days after the material will no longer stretch, this time to fill the gas can be properly used.
3, the new inflatable products, because the material is stretched, it is recommended to start using the time not to charge too full, full to the material of the crease disappeared on it (usually about 80% full). So to have a tensile process of adaptation to make your life more long inflatable products.
4, inflatable product, if used in the field, do not be too full of inflatable (8 into a full degree preferred). Note that when used in the field clean up debris in the ground (with hard objects like small stones), preferably to a layer of things, such as carpet, cardboard boxes or something. Inflatable products in a time when there is rotation, rotation will drive inflatable products, the bottom surface of the friction material will follow, too full of inflatable, it is easy to wear materials, and make the material damage caused by leakage phenomenon.
5, seasonal transition temperature increased, the gas expansion of inflatable products, attention to let go of a little gas. When the temperature dropped, inflatable supplies will become soft, pay attention to gas up a bit. One use of adequate gas, more than inflation so as not to be used up.


Repair steps
1, according to the size of the hole or cut good repair damaged film;
2, thoroughly clean the surface of the breakage; the glue evenly and repair of the tear film surface;
3, wait at least 30 seconds allowed to dry;
4, the repair of the tear film Shi Jin pressure to match the bed to the full bond.
5, standing at least 2 hours. Do not inflated during standing.

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Swimming Pool

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Inflatable Square



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topping-up square