Aquionics Swimming Pool Insulation Film Insulation Cover Baby Bubble Film Cover Film #27373

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Swimming pool accessories 400 micron blue solar spapool cover customized shape and size from MOQ 1 SETTechnical points for our solar pool cover A .Thickness :400 micronB. Pool cover shape and size …

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Product Description

Boang – That’s crazy!

aquionics swimming pool insulation film insulation cover baby bubble film cover film cloth

  • Swimming pool accessories 400 micron blue solar spa pool cover customized shape and size from MOQ 1 SET

  • Technical points for our solar pool cover

  • A .Thickness :400 micron

  • B. Pool cover shape and size can be customzied according to your pool shape and size

  • C.customized MOQ is only 1 pcs

  • D .Best price includes free shipping to your country after confirming shape,size,price.

  • product option list

note : the following information is for reference only . please contact the seller to get the detailed information .



package of paragraph 50 square above ( per square ) 3251
hemming 20 paragraph – 50 square ( per square ) 5231
hemming 15 paragraph – 20 square ( per square ) 5123
hemming 10 paragraph – 15 square ( per square ) 3215
package of paragraph 10 square below ( each ) 5131
shell-lac ( per square ) 6012
  • product details

    Round Shape


Retangular Shape:

solar cover.jpg


Solar Pool Cover Details:







Presentation for Outdoor Inground Swimming Pool:


Cover 02.jpgCover 01 (2).jpgCover 01 (1).jpgCover 03.jpg


Swimming pool blanket
PE plastic + UV powder (UV)
bubble diameter:10mm,bubble height:4mm.
bubble thickness:400micron,


1.material:mainly PE

2.color and shapes:We can make all kinds of color and shapes(Rectangular,round, ellipse and so on)according to the customers’ request.

3.Useage:It can be used as swimming pool cover,athletic field product,camping equipment, outdoor anti-sunshine&anti-rain cover,indoor&outdoor anti-sliding product.


Application and Benefits:

  • Above ground outdoor and indoor pools, public pools, may be required by inspectors: heat the swimming pool water during the day. Act as an insulator minimizing heat loss and retaining the heat at night
  • Acted as net against leaves or something dirty exposed to the swimming pool surface, keep clean and reduce the time of cleaning.
  • Cuts heating costs by 70% or more
  • Cuts water evaporation by up to 80%
  • Reduce the pool’s chemical consumption
  • Conserve water by reducing the amount of make-up water needed
  • Reduce cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to handle

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